Sunday, October 19, 2008

SSL/TLS in Struts 2


SSL/TLS provides an encrypted communication channel that a client and server can use to exchange messages without an attacker eavesdropping or manipulating data in transit. This is an important security control to include within a web application to ensure attackers cannot steal user's authentication session cookies or observe user's credentials as they are transmitted to the server.

Web applications and their environments should ensure users can only access sensitive applications over an encrypted communication channel (https for example). Firewalls, application servers, or applications themselves can enforce this behavior.

Requiring SSL/TLS in Struts 2

One way to ensure users connect using SSL or TLS within struts is to create an interceptor to verify this connection. An example has been provided below.


(Click the image to view the code)


(Click the image to view the code)


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